The Capucin – regional knife by André Verdier

The origin of the Capucin knife
The Capucin get his name from the handle last part shape: it looks like a monk’s head wearing a hood (hood is “capuce” in french – “capucin” is a typology of monk).
There also exist versions with a monk’s head engraved on the lower end part of the handle.
This knife is from the Pyrenees, early versions comes from the medieval period.
A good old knife, useful and reliable, that filled the pockets of citizens, from peasants to tradesmen.

The Capucin knife by André Verdier
Our Capucin, here in three colors (ivory, black and cherry red), is one of the new ranges in our regional knives production signed André Verdier. For any information do not hesitate to contact us!

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