Verdier’s brands – User guide

Three brands today carry the values ​​of our true French artisan cutlery.

To satisfy all our customers, we try to offer you the widest range of products. This is why Verdier manufactures has, for the moment, three different 100% french brands:

André Verdier:
The mark “André VERDIER” strong of a family french tradition which lasts for nearly two centuries. It implements the ancestral know-how and passion transmitted from father to son, without forgetting to turn towards modernity paying constant attention to ecology.


Scof brand (Société de Coutellerie et d’Orfèvrerie Française) has its origins in 1726, in the “Thiernoise” region. Perfect synthesis of old-fashioned french manufacturing processes and the latest production techniques. Scof cutlery is entirely produced in our workshops in France.


Delarboulas, whose origins date back to 1865, is based on traditional french manufacturing methods and crafts. All Delarboulas products are made in our factory, from its design to the entire manufacturing process. Our team supports a work of imagination and adaptation to each customer’s needs.

We are waiting for you every year on our trade fair shows to give you the opportunity to see our new products.

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